Digital holography provides superior precision and accurate data.

extreme conditions
We thrive in those environments — heat, cold, wet, dry — where getting meaningful data is a challenge.

non-destructive testing

When it's necessary to gather data unobtrusively, optics provides the solution.

emerging measurement needs
New and emerging technologies call for special measures.





Digital holography provides
superior precision in a rugged package.

Extreme Diagnostics designs, develops, and utilizes digital holographic measurement systems for a host of applications. Digital holography produces superior precision, dynamic range, and spatial resolution from robust and resilient hardware. We custom develop digital holographic systems tailored to your measurement needs, or make measurements on demand with our off-the-shelf or prototype units. Our standard systems characterize transparent materials and track and define dynamic particulates in three dimensions, with applications in environmental monitoring, biotechnology, crystal growth, polymers, glasses, photonic materials, and materials processing.