Digital holography provides superior precision and accurate data.

extreme conditions
We thrive in those environments — heat, cold, wet, dry — where getting meaningful data is a challenge.

non-destructive testing

When it's necessary to gather data unobtrusively, optics provides the solution.

emerging measurement needs
New and emerging technologies call for special measures.




Extreme conditions.

We thrive in environments—heat, cold, wet, dry—where getting meaningful data is a challenge. Extreme Diagnostics succeeds where others fail.

We've put holographic optics on robot subs from Mississippi to Tampa Bay, sought and found perfect ice and snow crystals atop Elk Mountain, Wyoming, and probed 1400°C furnaces to help make the next-generation semiconductor. Our units clocked over 8000 zero-gravity parabolas on the infamous NASA "vomit comet," seven miles up and falling towards the Gulf of Mexico—where Houston heat and humidity mingled with a little sweat and fear and a very confused gravity vector.